BuildERS took part in the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction

Last week we were happy to join the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction and share some of our research results with the audience

"Pre-conceived categories such as migration status, to give one example, do not allow for a nuanced identification of who, for what reasons, and in what situations, face heightened vulnerability" - Alexandra Olson, from our partner organisation, Salvation Army, European office

Last week we had the great honour to take part in the European Forum for Disaster Risk Reduction (EFDRR) and conduct a session on the topic of engaging vulnerable people in disaster risk governance, during which we highlighted the results of our research for BuildERS.

The key finding refers to how we need to change the way we approach disaster risk governance: instead of putting vulnerable people into definite, strict categories (such as: the elderly, ethnic minorities), we have to recognise and address the diversity of needs inside these groups. You can watch the recorded session at this link

So how do we bring about these changes? In BuildERS, we have come up with a new vulnerability assessment tool that takes into account the variety of factors which come into play in various risk situations but also touches upon the lack of support from personal networks and institutions whose tasks revolve around disaster risk reduction and social care. 

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