World Humanitarian Day – Time to focus on vulnerable groups

Interview with Lorenzo Massucchielli from the Italian Red Cross

In the past months, Northern and Western Europe (especially Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands) have encountered deadly floods because of climate change. Intense storms dropped as much as 15 centimetres of rain in 24 hours, swelling streams that then washed away houses and cars and triggered massive landslides. At least 217 people died — 180 in Germany and 37 in Belgium.

Experts highlight that as extreme weather events become more common because of climate change, towns and local communities must set up or improve their disaster management planning.

This year, we invite you to join #TheHumanRace #WorldHumanitarianDay – a global initiative for climate action in solidarity with people who need it the most. The International Humanitarian Day emphasizes the needs of climate-vulnerable people who have been experiencing utmost climate phenomena and catastrophes.

To honour the International Humanitarian Day, in collaboration with the Italian Red Cross, BuildERS interviewed Lorenzo Massucchielli (first responder in charge of the emergency planning). The discussion revolved around the topics of emergency planning and vulnerability, which people are considered vulnerable and how the NGO supports different vulnerable groups when a disaster strikes

‘’It’s important for people to understand what kind of assistance they can receive and will receive in case of a disaster and how they can support each other directly’’ Lorenzo said.

Also, during the interview, Lorenzo shared best disaster management practices from Italy referring to a recent event, the Florence flood, and the mobilization of a large number of specialized volunteers who helped in the local emergency operations but also protected the cultural heritage of the city.

Do you want to gain more insight into the topic?

You can watch the full interview here.