Join our workshops on Howspace!

If you are a disaster management practitioner or you do research in the field, we need your input!
Join our workshops on Howspace!

Our project aims to help increase the resilience of European communities and citizens - especially the vulnerable. With this purpose in mind, we've studied novel technologies and tools that could be used in crisis management. Our most recent achievement is building workshops on Howspace, a digital platform, and the good news is that you can take part in these workshops as well! 

Here's what you can choose from - you can join one or more of the following workshops: 

1. Emerging technologies for risk and vulnerability assessment here
2. Location-Based Services here

3. Data sharing between authorities for crisis management here
4. Crowdsourcing for improving preparedness here
You will be sent a personal participation link after registration.

Your feedback, thoughts and comments would be very much valued!

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