CERIS workshop: the role of end-users in R&I outcomes

Join the discussion on October 18, 10-12:15 PM CET
CERIS workshop: the role of end-users in R&I outcomes
When it comes to such a demand-driven market environment like civil security, assessing the effectiveness (e.g. checking to see if the proposed systems actually work and achieve their intended use) of new, innovative security technologies is crucial.

End-users play a pivotal role in the assessment process, as they can provide direct feedback after trying out these new technologies themselves through validation, evaluation or demonstration exercises.

CERIS (the Community for European Research and Innovation for Security) is organising a workshop to discuss the value that end-users can bring to the evaluation of such innovative technologies and brainstorm on how harmonised tools, techniques, and methods could help increase the credibility and build trust in R&I outcomes.

The workshop takes place on 18 October, from 10 to 12:15, Brussels time

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