The first DRS01 Cluster Conference

On the 4th of February, we are delighted to join the online DRS01 Cluster mini-conference conference together with our sister projects, Resiloc, ENGAGE and LINKS.

The first DRS01 Cluster Conference

The strategic objective of this mini-conference is to learn more about the other cluster projects and to engage in an open dialogue about joint cooperation, creating a baseline for closer interaction, buildup on synergies and generation of added value collaboration.

This first mini-conference will offer space for more general presentations based on projects' approach, enabling more focused and interactive formats to follow. Repeated events (bi-annually in format for all), with additional meetings in the format of spin-off working/focus groups addressing concrete topics based on needs of members are planned, with focus groups working jointly on topics such as “policy recommendations” based on project team preferences and priorities.

Appreciated presentation perspectives:

1. Objectives of the project addressing vulnerability, resilience and involvement of citizens

  • How do we operationalize the concept of vulnerability and resilience for the communities we aim to support? 
  • How do we engage citizens, contribute practically and what are we trying to achieve?


3. General Work Package overview

4. State of the activities and lesson learned in terms of vulnerability and resilience

5. A basic overview of future activities and possible collaboration opportunities with the other projects within the DRS01 Cluster (to be further developed at later stages indirect interaction)

DRS01 Cluster partners are invited to complete their registration through the DRS01 CMINE group